KITOS is a Trade Association representing Kenyan Information Technology Enabled Service (ITeS) member businesses. KITOS is the platform through which local SMEs in the sector engage with the government and other players in the ecosystem. KITOS, through its newly constituted Board, is mandated to kick-start and drive the following initiatives:

... ..+.. Promotion of initiatives that would result in job creation within the ITES industry
 .....+ Marketing and Positioning Kenyan ITES companies for growth in the local, government and export markets
 .....+ Nurturing ITES SME companies towards becoming globally competitive
 .....+ Lobbying and positioning local companies for inclusion in government ICT procurement and participation in government ICT Projects as per the Kenyan ICT Master Plan 2014
 .....+ Advocating for policies that support ITES/BPO sector growth, job creation and encourage foreign direct investment in the sector
......+.. Developing and implementing strong industry standards that will result in Kenya attracting new venture creations, and committing to excellence in local ICT Sector and Governance
......+.. Strengthening and/or developing new partnerships, including strong Public-Private-Partnerships, as well as partnerships with multinational corporations, encourage industry collaboration
......+.. Influencing and shaping policy initiatives which impact the industry, through education of government, media, special interest groups and the public